The Vampire Diaries

Created by Abby Wilwant

Notorious Locations

Places in The Vampire Diaries

Mystic Grill

Mystic Grill is known as the hangout spot for the cast of The Vampire Diaries. It is a cafe, bar, and restaurant located in Mystic Falls. Often Damon and Alaric were found here at the bar, drinking away their worries and having friendly, or not so friendly depended on the day, chats. Here the event “Mystic Falls Most Eligible Bachelor” raff;e and fundraiser took place, and this is when Damon rubbed it in Alaric’s face that he was the one who had killed his wife. Isobel made appearances here twice; once to meet Alaric and threaten him to get him to arrange him a meeting with her daughter, and the second time to meet Elena, and try to persuade her to give her this mysterious device. Lexi, Stefan’s best friend, came here to celebrate Stefan’s birthday, only to be killed in the parking lot that night by Damon. Bonnie and Jeremy also come here for many of their dates, and Caroline spilled the beans to Stefan here about Tyler knowing she was a vampire and the triggered werewolf curse. Mystic Grill has been a place of pay for many of the characters; Matt, Jeremy, and Vicki have all worked here. 


Salvatore Boarding House

The Salvatore Boarding House is known as a mansion for murder, tourture, and lots of heated romance. This house was built in 1914, and it is now the home of both Damon and Stefan Salvatore. When Stefan first arrived back to Mystic Falls after one hundred years, this house was being lived in my Zach Salvatore. Yet, once Damon came to town Zach was killed and now the brothers share it, often with their love, Elena. In the basement of the house there are locked cells, and Damon and Stefan both are locked up in these cells multiple times due to certain circumstances. Also, in season one Zach showed viewer’s his vervain room, filled with multiple plants of vervain that he has been growing over the years. Downstairs there is a freezer full of blood bags, of both animal blood and human blood, that the vampires often use. Many scenes are taken place in the gorgeous and centuries old living room. 

Mystic Falls High School

Mystic Falls Highschool is located in Mystic Falls Virginia, and is a public school that all teenagers in the cast attend. Elena, Matt, Stefan, Caroline, Jeremy, Bonnie, Tyler all go to school together here. Elena and Stefan first met here, seeing as they had history together. Alaric got his job as a history teacher here, and this is when he first met the Gilbert family. The decade dance, a dance full of trouble usually, is located here. And also Mrs. Lockwood’s funeral is located in this gym. Rebekah in season four compelled everyone to stay in the school to get secrets out of them, for her own amusement. Mystic Falls Highschool is where several supernatural events take place, and their mascot is the Timberwolf. 

Wickey Bridge

Wickery Bridge is one of the most important places in The Vampire Diaries. It was the place of the tragic death of Elena’s parents. On May 23, 2009, Elena was at a party and her parents came to pick her up, Mr. Gilbert was driving. He lost control of the car and they spiraled off the bridge and plunged deep into the water. Stefan Salvatore, near by, saw the whole thing and came to the rescue. Stefan tired to save Mr. Gilbert but he refused to not get help until Elena was above shore. Stefan saved Elena’s life, he brought her to shore and when he went back to get her parents, they were both dead. In season three, Stefan, not acting rational at all, tries to turn Elena into a vampire by forcing her to drink his blood and attempting to drive off the bridge. He does this because he does not want Klaus to use Elena’s blood to create more hybrids. Also, in season three Damon discovers that the second part of white oak, the only thing that can kill Originals, is part of the bridge. Finally, Wickery Bridge is the reason Elena turned into a vampire, it is where she initially died. Elena was with Matt and Rebekah was standing in the middle of the bridge, causing Matt to swerve off. Stefan is there to save Elena yet she refuses and makes him save Matt, thus leaving her under the water to long, leaving her dead. As you can see, many significant events happen on this certain bridge. 

Gilbert Family Lake House

Elena often traveled to her vacation house when she was younger, with her parents when they were alive with Jeremy. In season two, Elena goes to the mansion to get away from her Uncle John, who now suddenly wants to be her father. She takes Stefan with her and they visit the house for the first time since Elena’s parents death for a romantic getaway.

While they are here, they stumble along Mr. Gilbert’s secret stash of weapons that kill vampires, only leading to one thing, the fact that he himself was a hunter. Little did they know that that same weekend Tyler, along with his werewolf pack, were going to show up and try to capture Elena, to only use her as their sacrifice to be the first one’s to break the “Sun and Moon Curse”, meaning that if broken they could turn whenever they want, making werewolf’s more dominant then vampires. In addition, in season four, Jeremy, Elena, Bonnie, Damon, Matt, and even Klaus all make a showing here, trying to help Jeremy complete his hunter’s mark and teach him how to fight off vampires and not get killed. Damon and Elena share some intimate moments, yet this only leads to Damon pushing Elena further away, like he does to every single person he has ever felt something for.

The Woods

The woods in Mystic Falls are a dark and mysterious place. Many events take place in the dark and creepy forest. For example, Vicky dies here. Also, located her is the hidden tomb that held 20 vampires, all whose bodies were wasted away from lack of blood. Damon, thinking that his once thought “love of his life”, Katherine, was within this tomb, uses Bonnie’s and her Gram’s powers to lift the spell for a short enough time to get into the tomb, only to find that Katherine is not in there. Blood spills, and the rotted vampires all gather their energy by feeding, escaping the tomb. Also, Katherine, once found, gets locked in this tomb by Damon and Stefan, due to her endless torture on Elena. In addition, the cell that the Lockwood’s (Tyler’s family) once owned is deep within these woods. Tyler locks himself up in the cellar when ever there is a full moon, chaining himself to the walls with the strongest locks he can, just to keep himself from hurting anyone or anything when he turns. Stefan also feeds here, feasting on the animals that live in the woods, and this is where he teaches Caroline to feed, trying his best to keep her on animal blood rather than human. Speaking of Caroline, she is also abused in the werewolf’s trailer that in hidden in the forest. Elijah, the well-known Original, comes to her rescue when Damon and Stefan fail to save her. The Lockwood Well is also located here, where the moonstone to break the "Sun and the Moon Curse" was once hidden. Stefan dove into the well to retrieve it, only to find out it was fun of vervain.